Images from production workshops, test footage, student productions and behind the scenes

(All are Adobe PDF files unless noted.)

Resource Pages

Cinematography - Syllabus and Outline
Outside Viewing and Reports
Cinematography - Material
Lighting as Texture - Painting with Light
Cine and Art - Craft of Observation

Production and Set Etiquette - All Crew
Production and Set Responsibilities
IMDB Glossary - Film Terms

Screen Shots 01
Screen Shots 02

Top 15 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make

12 Hour Day

The Essential Reference Guide for Filmmakers - Kodak

Chapter 01 - Introduction
Chapter 02 - History
Chapter 03 - Nature of Light
Chapter 04 - Film Structure
Chapter 05 - Film Types and Formats
Chapter 06 - Characteristics of Film
Chapter 07 - Camera and Lenses
Chapter 08 - Planning Your Workflow
Chapter 09 - Filmmaking Resources
Chapter 10 - Film Crews
Chapter 11 - Film Specifications
Chapter 12 - Storage and Handling
Chapter 13 - Exposure
Chapter 14 - Exposure Tools
Chapter 15 - Filters
Chapter 16 - Lighting
Chapter 17 - Processing
Chapter 18 - KeyKode
Chapter 19 - Optical Workflow
Chapter 20 - Digital Workflow
Chapter 21 - Checklist
Chapter 22 - Glossary

Missing Film - Art Adams
Misconceptions in Lighting
Script for INT - HALLWAY - NIGHT
Camera Assistant Manual

Pre-Production Notes, Check List and Scheduling - Production Management
How to Feed the Crew
So you wanna work in movies?
10 Tips for Directing a Low Budget Music Video Shoot
How to Succeed in Any Business

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Gordon Willis, ASC * Wally Pfister, ASC
Conrad Hall, ASC * William A Fraker, ASC
Allen Daviau, ASC * Richard Crudo, ASC

Ron Dexter * Scott Wilson * Roberto Blasini
Peter Gray * John Rotan * Brown Cooper
Michael Brennan (HD) * Bill Schwarz

Sample Production Budget Forms

Short Form (15 pages)
Feature Sample (83 pages) * Super Sample (112 pages)
Dreamworks (15) * Fox (19) * Touchstone (60)

Example Production Forms

Example - Breakdown Sheet
Example - Call Sheet Cast
Example - Call Sheet Crew
Example - Crew Call and Wrap Sheet
Example - Emergency Medical Information for Cast and Crew
Example - Location Breakdown
Example - Location Spec
Example - Personal Release
Example - Production Location Contract
Example - Production Location Release
Example - Wording for Multiple Signs
Notes - How to Feed the Crew
Notes - Pre-Production
Day Rates 2010 US S and SE
Sales Tax Exemption
Texas Sales Tax Exemption Items

Special Interest

Car Mount Samples

2015 Major Camera Comparison Chart
2014 Major Camera Comparison Chart
2013 Major Camera Comparison Chart
2012 Major Camera Comparison Chart
Determining Exposure Index of a Video Camera
Exposure Meters - Jim Branch
Exposure Meters and The Cinematographer

Above and Below the Line
CU Student Guide 2003 - Short Version
What is DV? * NTSC Basics
Screen Ratios for Crop Mask
Shooting Ratio Film Cost
Table of Footcandles

SD video camera manuals
Panasonic AG-DVX100B Operations Instructions - SD video 1/3"

HD video camera manuals (1/4 small)
Panasonic AG-HMC40 Operations Instructions- HD video 1/4"

HD video camera manuals (1/3 small)
Panasonic AG-HVX200a Operations Instructions - HD video 1/3"
Panasonic AG-HMC150 Operations Instructions - HD video 1/3"
Panasonic AG-HPX170 Operations Instructions - HD vodeo 1/3"
JVC GY-HM700u Operations Instructions - HD video 1/3"

HD 4/3 video camera manuals (medium)
Panasonic AG-AF100P Operations Instructions - HD video 4/3"

Full size digital camera manuals (cinema format)
Sony PMF-F3 HD video

Full size digital camera manuals (slide format)
Canon 5D Mark III

Misc audio
Marantz Portable Stereo Audio Recorder PMD660 Owner's Manual
Tascam Portable Stereo Audio Recorder HP-P2 Owner's Manual

Exposure exercise and examples.

Lighting exercise and examples.